Mission Statement
To Love God with all our heart, soul, and mind.
(Mat. 22:37) We show our love:

  • By worshipping Him in Spirit and in truth (John 4:24), lifting up our voices to Him in praise (1Chron. 16:23-36; Heb. 13:15), calling upon His name in prayer (Ps. 145:18-19), by keeping His commandments (John 14:15).

To Love our neighbor as ourselves. (Mat. 22:38) We show our love:

  • By Fulfilling the Great Commission, providing authentic Christian voices as shining lights in a wilderness of religious confusion and discouragement, holding fast the Word of Life so that seekers may find a straight, well-lit path to the foot of the Cross and His throne of grace, proclaiming the Good News that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son to die for it so that no one must suffer the wrath to come, but all can call upon the name of Jesus and be saved (Mat, 28:19-20; Phil. 2:15-16; John 3:16; 1Thess. 1:10).

  • By upholding God's commandments, which serve as a schoolmaster to lead us to Jesus Christ but after we receive Jesus as our Savior, thy lead us into a present-day freedom from the bondage of sin (Gal. 3:22-26; Rom. 6:15-23).

  • By serving our community with food, drink, shelter, clothing, visiting the sick and the imprisoned and showing God's love for all the people not in word only but in loving acts of mercy and caring (Mat. 25: 34-40; 1John 3:18).

To Love one another. (John 15:12) We show our love:

  • By gathering around the cross in a community of shared lives, laying down our lives for one another (1John 3:16), serving one another (Gal. 5:13), praying for one another (James 5:16), confessing our faults to one another (James 5:16), exhorting to one another (Heb. 3:13), admonishing one another (Rom. 15:14), building up one another (1Thess. 5:11), comforting one another (2 Cor. 1:3-6), forbearing one another (Col. 3:13), bearing one another's burden (Gal. 6:2), forgiving one another (Eph 4:32), provoking one another to love and good deeds (Heb. 10:24), and offering one another a temporary haven of rest from the sins of the world.